Dont Play The Comparison Game

Have you ever compared yourself to others? Have you ever tried to do something the same way someone else has and wonder why you didn’t succeed the same way they did?


I find it fascinating how prone to comparison and copying we are as humans. It is almost inevitable! Try and go a day without subconsciously looking at someone else and thinking about how they have MORE then you, or how you have MORE then they do! I cant remember a day that I didn’t find myself playing this game and not even realizing it!


I have been learning a lesson over the last few months that seems so simple but it so hard to implement in my life day to day. Maybe I’m the weird one who struggles with this and none of you do, but I’m going to bet that at least a few of you reading this will be able to relate.


I tend to copy people if I’m not sure how to go about something. If someone has had any success at the thing I’m trying to do, I will almost always lean towards doing it EXACTLY the same way. Usually I realize a few minutes into planning it that I have to change a few things around. But still it looks a lot like what they did.


I find this especially prevalent in my ministry with teens. There are so many different opinions and voices telling young youth pastors and leaders how to reach their students. How to build a big ministry that impacts a large number of kids. I have those desires in my heart. All the more reason to copy the greats right? It worked for them! Why can’t it work for me? RIGHT?!?! Makes sense.


Or does it? Because the more I look at what has worked for other people the less effective it is for me. The harder I have to work to pretend like I can preach like Judah Smith, or invent games like talk show writers. Its exhausting trying to be like other people! I don’t know if you have ever tired it, but thinking about it makes me want to have a nap!


Something that God is really showing me in a very direct way is that there is a reason He made me the way He did. I am Nathan White, and I am the only one. God has a plan for my life, and He’s given me the personality, the brain and the skills to be excellent in my calling.


I know that I was created for big things, and I know I’ve wasted a lot of time trying to be like those who have succeeded before me. Or who are succeeding right now. The reality is that Gods already got that spot filled with those people. While my place is left empty as I wonder around like a blind man trying to be the next (insert name here) and all along gods plan was for me to be the only Nathan White.


I don’t know anyone feels like this sometimes? Maybe there are a number of you who feel stuck where you are. Not sure what the next step is, how to go on striving for the excellence you’ve been chasing and working towards but seems to never come. I want you to know that God created you for a specific reason, and you’re the absolute best person to achieve that! Don’t hesitate in doing your work the way you have been created to do it!


Sometime people wont understand why your doing it this way, and they may even tell you to do it a different way, but at the end of the day, your most effective work will be done when you are doing it the way you were created to do it.


Ask God how and why He made you, what is different about you that is going to be the spark that ignites your passion? He gave it to you, and He will tell you!


In all that you do, be excellent my friends. God Made you with precision and uniquely formed everything that makes each of us up, lets be honoring to Him by utilizing our one of a kind qualities to build His Kingdom!