Why is Faith so Hard?

Faith is hard,

I struggle with, “Is my faith in something of weight? Of value? Truth?”  And I realized it’s OK to feel stuck, to doubt. It’s our fallen nature. It’s natural to question. Because we have this need and desire to understand things. As humans we are taught in society that we are supreme. We are the top of the food chain. And we can see the lesser beings below us, and can explain what they are. In comparison, when we make something. When we create something. We understand what it is, we put it together.

That’s like God, He knows us, He knows that because of sin we question His power, and existence. And yet He still desires to call us home because His love is that great, that abundant that whatever we do against His laws, against His will, He just wants to be with us in paradise. He is willing to forgive all of our shortcomings, and give us a gift.

What is a gift? It’s something one has giving to another. All we have to do is accept.

Salvation is a gift. We just need to accept.

And even Further then that, Believe that He has great Plans for our life, that He cares about our problems.

A number of weeks ago my wife and I found out that we are welcoming our first child into the world in November of this year. And honestly I got really scared. All of a sudden there was this tiny little alien shaped thing that is entrusted to me to care for, and teach, and provide, and love? IM 23!

The craziest part of the whole thing is that Sarah barely has a bump, and i already love this baby so much! I am So concerned about their welfare, and protection, and development. I am so obsessed with my baby, and it doesn’t even have a face!

For those who are parents, you probably know the feeling. The feeling that their is nothing you can do for them except pray. You cant see them growing, or make sure that they are developing the right way. All you have is faith. That’s all we have to hold onto! FAITH, that God has it covered. There is nothing that’s more terrifying, but at the same time comforting.

Just as i am so obsessed with the welfare of my unborn child, exponentially greater is the obsession that God has for me, and for you.

So when I feel stuck in my faith, that it in something religious and routine. I think about what life would be like if I had no faith, if I didn’t know about God. If I didn’t know that I could rely on him in the tough times. If i didn’t know that i could ask him to take care of my baby, and my pregnant wife. If their was nothing to trust in, and hold onto in these terrifying moments in life.

That is a hopeless thought.