Vegas Vacation

Vegas Vacation:

Recently my wife and I went of a vacation to Las Vegas. The idea that a Christian couple, let alone myself as someone who works in ministry at a church going to the most sinful place in north America for a vacation was something that we herd A LOT about leading up to the trip. HOW SCANDALOUS!

The reality is it was an affordable escape from the wintery plains of Southern Saskatchewan.

We stayed at this awesome resort that was a bit off of the stripe so we were away from all the hustle and bustle, drunken people, and promiscuity. It was a great time! We hung out at the pool all day, being relaxed and refreshed as a couple, BBQing everyday. Drinking a ridiculous amount of vanilla coke! It was a great time. We would venture out after the tanning hours of the day had left. And walk around to see all the gigantic buildings and crazy themed malls that each and every hotel on the stripe has to offer! We looked at the Coke store, the Hershey’s store, you name it, it’s probably on the stripe.

But we also saw a display of the most broken society I have ever witnessed. I’ve been to a lot of places in the world. Seen a lot of third world countries, seen starvation, disease, girls rescued from the sex slave industry. But never before had I seen average North American people stuck, in this rut of addiction, complacency. Acceptance of sin and objectification! It broke my heart! Walking down the street and every corner someone standing there with a shirt that says “Girls Girls Girls, Hot Girls to you in 20 Mins or less!” Like these women are pizza or Chinese food! These people have cards in there hands that have naked women on them, and a number you call to order one! I am walking hand in hand with my wife. And time after time they offer these cards to me. I’m walking around looking at the sky so I don’t see something I shouldn’t. My wife is getting more and more frustrated with these people that she turns to me and says “ all I want to do is slap the cards out of there hands!” I couldn’t believe what I was seeing!

When we got back home it left me wondering how many souls did I walk past that week that ruined their life while in Vegas? How many girls were “ordered” like food, how many people fell further into an addiction that is choking them?

It left me feeling like it wasn’t an accident that my wife and I went there and saw those things. I can’t shake the feeling like we will be back again. But this time commissioned by the Father of those lost and broken souls we walked past. The Father who sees the beautiful creation He decided was worth creating. He sees that person who He desires to have a relationship with. He sees those people who shame themselves daily, who push this industry along. Who are directly involved in breaking homes, families, and lives. And He reminded me that He would climb up on that cross day after day, just to spend eternity with one of them.

It amazes me the Love of Christ. It inspires me to never loose the Awe of His Goodness, Faithfulness, Power and Grace!

Join with me and lets pray for Las Vegas! Lets pray for those who are there right now and are stuck in something! Lets pray for those who are perpetuating these issues! They are all loved by the Father. And that means we are called to love them too.