The Silence Of God

As a newly married man, I have found myself with all these desires to have everything together. To have a nice cushion in my savings account for the sudden surprises of life that always pop up. To have a home that has rooms for all the future children that will come down the line. And nothing that’s broken or old. I have spent so much time worrying about what do I do as Sarah’s husband to give her all of the dreams she has and we have together? And each time I think about the BIG dreams we have I find myself getting silently discouraged. Feeling the daunting task of keeping on the path I know God has called me to without seeking the money that usually doesn’t come with the gig.


There have been many times that I think about how can I convince God to speak to me more about what He wants my next steps to be. Sometimes God seems so silent in guiding my path. It’s so easy to sit in my house or at my desk, and think; “man God is really not paying much attention to me right now”.


So for anyone who ever feels like your being ignored by God, or you’re just so overwhelmed with life that you’re not hearing His voice clearly. I’m right with you, and this next bit is what I’ve come up with to help myself, and hopefully you.


When we feel like Gods so far away, whether its because your seeking him on a big decision, or your trying to figure out how to break a string of sin in your life. Or you’re just feeling empty and alone. We always have to remember That God is never far away. He is always right beside you waiting for you to be silent, and still. God wants us to choose to hear him. To just be with Him, hanging out, chilling in silence. When your tired, and you just want to sleep, or give up. Lay in the stillness, in the quiet. Be with God in the right beside you silence, not the far away silence.


We live in a time in history that is the loudest, there is never quiet in the world. Always a war happening, always something horrible on the news, look at how many TV shows there are now compared to 10 years ago. And PVR! You could spend more then the hours in a day catching up on everything that week. Social media, text tones, email tones, phone calls, music, films, and advertising. How do we get away from all that noise that corrupts our time? Now more then ever I truly believe that it is so important that we learn and equip those who look to us for guidance, to be silent and still with the only form of peace that can revive us from being lost in the noise.


I encourage you all today and everyday to take time to be still and silent with God. If you challenge yourself to take out the noise of life and all the distractions for even 15 minuets of every day you will hear Gods voice. And your will feel the perfect peace that comes from nowhere but his presence.