The Fathers Heart

From time to time I find myself looking at my life and wondering how am I supposed to fill the role that I have been given. How do I successfully lead High school students into a deeper understanding and experiential relationship with Jesus? How do I grow as a husband so my wife can feel safe, secure, loved, cherished, and adored? How do I prepare myself to raise a son who is coming into this world in 3 very short months? Every aspect of my life is expanding, growing, and changing. And some moment like this feel daunting to say the least. My mind gets blown when I think about who I think I am, knowing all the areas that I’ve failed, all the times that I knew what I should do, but chose to be lazy or irresponsible and take the easy road. And then to wonder why God would call me to this life? Why would be give me the responsibility that he has? Why would be entrust me with lots of high school students, and a wonderful wife, and now this little boy. Why would he give me that? What did I bring to the table that would cause Him to look at me and say, “He is the man for this job”?

What we don’t often understand is that our faith in God as almost nothing to do with us. Our calling and our purpose has very little to do with us. And if I brought nothing to the table aside from choosing to believe that God is in control and he is good at being in control then why should I be worried about leading a ministry, or leading my family? Or raising my son? If I really believe what I believe then I should know that God is WAY more interested in seeing His kids come to know a love Him. He is WAY more invested in my marriage succeeding and thriving! He is WAY more obsessed with the life of my Son!

I’m a broken man, I’ve failed, and I will always fall short when I take matters into my own hands. But I was reading the first chapter in Ephesians a few weeks ago, and I underlined all the times where words addressing God were written. And I realized that He saved our lives because He wants to. That it was His plan to give His son so that we might be saved by His name for His Glory. See, all we brought to the table was our choice to trust Him.

Wherever I fall short in the call He has placed on my life is tiny compared to His ability to make up for them.

He is such a good father. His heart is a heart of restoration, redemption, a heart to rescue and receive. His Heart is to draw His children into relationship with Him by calling their spirit, by His spirit, to His heart. Amazing!

Whatever shortcomings you believe are hindering your ability to be a good spouse, parent, employee, friend, son or daughter. Recognize the freedom in knowing that we don’t have to manage everything. We have the freedom to run fast in God plan for us! He is not concerned with our past; He is not worried about whatever might come down the line. All He wants is for us to believe and trust that this is all about Him, and He will make it all work for good.

Be blessed today as you read this! My hope is that you might find some comfort in knowing that Gods got you covered. You’re the person for the job! And you’re going to succeed!