My Story of Hope

November 18th 3am.


My wife Sarah woke up with extreme pain in her mid back and across the top of her now very large baby bump. This was a pain unlike anything she had ever felt before.

While I was still sleeping she tried to find ways to deal with the pain. Finally after 40 minutes of coping on her own she woke me up. Immediately I could see that something was really hurting her. My first thought was she’s in labor. But she said the pain is not coming and going. Its not throbbing, its not contractions. This is constant pain its sharp, its direct. It was so severe that she couldn’t keep still. She could hardly speak.


We asked others advice. And decided to go the emergency. On our way I remember the thought running through my head so clearly.


“Our baby isn’t due for 2 weeks!” “He cant come today, I’m not ready”


We got to the emergency Triage desk and Sarah was on the floor vomiting in a trashcan while the nurse and I are trying to get through everything quickly.


We get up to labor and delivery only to find out that Sarah is not in labor, she’s not dilated at all. No contractions, but still this unbearable pain.


Hours later after 20 Mills of morphine that offered no relief. And 10 of fentanyl that gave about 10 minutes of pain relief. The OBGYN on call came in and told me that there was no time for the ultrasound. That for mother and baby’s safety we had to go for an emergency C-Section right now!


Those words pierced my heart. What was wrong with my wife? What could happen to my family? Would I have to be that man who goes into the hospital with his pregnant wife, and walks out later that day alone?


The fear and uncertainty instantly overcame everything that is me. I felt nothing but horror. Anxiety. FEAR! In that moment I began to cry out to God aloud in the room as I’m putting on the gown and shoe covers to go into the O.R.


“God, Don’t take my family away from me!”


Over and over again I cried out to God!


“God don’t let me walk out of this hospital without them!”


“Jesus you are my refuge and my strength! You have plans for our life! This is not the end for Sarah! This is not the end for Jacob! You have BIG things for them! You want to use them to reach your lost children!”


As I spoke the truth that was in my heart over my wife and my unborn son I could feel the fear and anxiety starting to vanish. This overwhelming peace and boldness came over me. Boldness to speak to the mountain in front of me and tell it how small it is compared to my God! Death has nothing on my God! A randomly failing liver has nothing on my God!


I began to feel so secure. Knowing that there would be nothing wrong with either my wife or my son after the surgery. My role as the husband and the father was to exercise my authority in my family. And to lead us 3 into the presence of our King right in the Operating Room. The thought ran through my mind as i was holding Sarah’s hand while she lay on the table. If this were it for both of them, Jesus would still be enough to sustain me. And as that thought came into my mind the nurse told me to stand up and watch as my son was born.


I watched him being pulled out of my wife’s incision. Carried over to the table to be cleaned off and weighed. He started to cry, and the nurse said to me “ you can touch him, he is your son.” I put my finger in his tiny hand and he grabbed onto it, pulled it to the side of his face and calmed down. Immediately I felt my spirit change. I felt refreshed, I felt like a new man. I felt this overwhelming, unconditional love for this tiny little boy.


I turned to the nurse and asked “is he ok?” and replied with “he’s perfect! Nothing wrong at all!” “Thank You JESUS!” I carried him over to Sarah and laid him on her chest right up to her face so she could talk to him. We were both crying because in a matter of 35 minutes we went from complete terror and crying out to God for healing in desperation to seeing and holding the tangible answer to my prayer! My son was born and was healthy! And my wife was ok!


Exactly 2 days later I walked out of that hospital with my son in his car seat, and holding my wife’s hand.


Nothing is bigger then my God! Death was on the doorstep for my family, and yet they are here.


I can only anticipate the BIG things those two will do for the Kingdom of God if the enemy tried to take them out this way.


Whatever your mountain is today, be encouraged to exercise the authority you have in Jesus to speak to that mountain! The Truth that is Jesus Christ will always be victorious over the biggest problems we face. God is enough to sustain you through the darkest moments of your life. I lived through my biggest fear by the grace and the peace of God that surpasses all understanding. I was hopeful. I had a desire to walk out with my family and I anticipated that being my reality. God is ALWAYS good.


Be encouraged friends. Pass this on to those who may need to hear it.