Magnitude of the Cross

Magnitude of the Cross:



How strong must Jesus be to have taken the full weight of every sin? I find myself thinking about how many people have actually lived? Over the last 2014 years since Christ died to take the sins and baggage that we hold onto so tightly.


I am so overwhelmed with the actual amount of love that Jesus poured out on us all when I attempt to understand the impossible number of sins he actually took all at once.


You know how Gods word tells us that the wages of sin is death? That doesn’t mean that the wages of all the sin you ever commit is death. What if someone only committed one sin? Is that enough to deserve death? But before we go farther we have to examine the biblical meanings of these words. What is sin? It’s missing the mark, not hitting bull’s-eye on the target of being like God in his perfection. And what is Death? Its separation from God, who is the giver of life. Its not just no longer breathing.


How many times have you personally missed the mark of perfection as measured by God? Take a moment to be really honest with yourself and look at your life. You can’t even count high enough to account for all times you have missed that mark.


And how amazing is it that Jesus our savior had to die that many times to atone for only your sin? Because he desired to be in eternal relationship with you personally.


Now that you’re thinking about what he’s done for you. Get your head around this thought. I’ve seen many different estimates on how many people have lived since Christ died. Anywhere from 25 billion to 100 billion. Lets just be fair and estimate somewhere in the middle of that. I’m going to say 55 billion people. Now think about the countless times you personally have missed the mark, and multiply that by 55 billion.


As I write this I’m and so overwhelmed with the Love of God, to show how much He loved His children to give His own Son to take all of that death, so that we could have a way to be in relationship with Him. So that we could live eternally in perfect peace!



My heart is that much more broken for those who refuse what has already been done for them. And even more for those who don’t even know about Jesus.


Looking at what Jesus did for me, and the world, makes me examine my priorities. If my life should be modeled after Jesus’ life, how many times should I be willing to die to save my brothers and sisters? How many times should I step out of my comfort zone to tell someone who doesn’t have a clue about how much their Savior loves them regardless of where they are at, or what they have done?

As we go through our day today lets not forget how much Jesus really took for us. Let us remember the price that was paid for everyone to get into heaven to be with the Father. And as those who know of this love, let us remember our role in the Kingdom.


Our role as followers of Christ is not to talk about Him as if He is dead. Our role as followers of Christ is to remove ourselves from the equations and let the ultimate evangelist direct us as willing participants in bringing His Kingdom to earth.


Let us not rely on our own knowledge of Him drive our ministry, but let our relationship with the King humble us enough to pursue the lost with the expectation of transformation and glorification of our Fathers name.


Father may your Will be done on earth, and it is in Heaven.