How an Infant Shared Jesus with Thousands

My Son Jacob is 7 weeks old today and he has already shared the Gospel Of Jesus with 2000 people.


Many of you have read the posts Sarah or I wrote about Jacobs Birth, if not you can find them Here, and Here. In the moments of terror and uncertainty I held on to the truth that God is good all the time. Even when things are out of our control God has things under wraps. I knew that my family would be saved because I knew that God has big things for Sarah and Jacob in their lives!


In 7 weeks my son has shared the good news that is Jesus Christ with 2,367 people! Some are saved, many are not. But every person who has read the story of how God rescued him and his mom were touched deeply!


What a thing to watch your sons’ life already impacting the world around him for the Glory of his Heavenly Father. As his dad my heart wells up with happiness to watch him learning things around him, to watch Jacob notice Sarah around the house. When she walks into a room he follows her with his eyes. The love that he has in his heart for people is immense! When he was in the womb I prayed for him everyday. I prayed that God would make him a strong and courageous man that had a strong heart full of love for humanity. That Jacob would be a man of influence. That his Reach would Stretch across the globe. That he would be given wisdom and compassion. That he would know the joy of the lord in a passionate way. That his words would cause others to turn to Jesus. That his friendship would bring light into the lives of others.


To see God using him as a 7-week-old baby to impact the lives of 2000 people gives my heart joy!


Let us never discount the contribution that children can make to the kingdom. And furthermore, let us never put God in a box. If he can use an infant to spread the gospel, he can use you to accomplish the dreams and visions He’s placed before you.


God bless you all from all of us! Nathan, Sarah, Jacob.