Hi, My Name is Gomer

Hosea was a prophet of God.  People knew this was “THE GUY.” the guy who talked for God! And one day he wakes up and hears God say to him. “Hosea, I want you to get married.” That’s not so bad hey? Pretty good thing to wake up to. Marriage is pretty good. But then Gods like, “I want you to marry a prostitute……. Oh and her name is Gomer.” WHAT?!?!? This well-known prophet is supposed to go find a prostitute and marry her? Imagine what was going through his head?! What would the people think!? And where does this guy go find this woman? I imagine this holy man walking down to the red light district, or the local brothel accidentally running into people from church awkwardly asking “ hey is Gomer here? I want to marry her.” Tough assignment to say the least!

But they get married; things are pretty good for a bit, they have 3 kids. And one day Hosea wakes up and Gomer is gone. In a moment he become this single father. 3 kids, the prophet to a nation. That’s a bit of stress! But he hears God say, “go get Gomer back from the men who are loving her” (just typing that breaks me) so Hosea heads out to find his wife, who has left, and is in the sex slave industry. Being sold, and purchased to be a slave to men. A slave to this sin! And Hosea Purchases her back! This woman who is already his wife, his bride, the mother of his children! He has to buy her! I imagine like this auction setting. And Hosea says to the auctioneer. “ Hey man, that’s my wife!” and the guy says, I don’t care who she is, this is the price.” And Hosea opens his wallet up, and buys her back. And they go home. And Hosea says, be faithful to me, and I will be the same to you.

This is an image of Christ in our life.

I am Gomer. You are Gomer. How many times am I off somewhere letting sin control my life? Even though I know that God is my God, that I ought not to be where I am, I have become a slave to sin. I have been unfaithful to my God. And he came to the cross. And willingly crawled on top of it. And purchased me again. And His Love is So Vastly huge! That if it called for it again, He would get back on day after day, at the CHANCE! That I might accept. At the CHANCE! That you might accept!

So often we find ourselves back in our old ways. We know the truth, we know we have been set free because of our faith in Jesus. But we wonder, we stray away from our home. Finding ourselves lost in our past. Condemning ourselves, and judging ourselves, and minimizing the love that Jesus has for us.

Understand the Value that we hold before God. Understand that expansive Love that He holds for us! Understand His wild obsession for each of us individually! Know the truth that set you free from the chains of sin and death. And ACCEPT the truth of the life giving power of our Lord Jesus.