Dead Sea Christians

Dead Sea Christians



I was talking with a friend of mine the other day and right now all he is doing is walking around town, talking to people on the streets and in shops about Jesus. Praying for healing and salvation. It’s really cool the testimonies that are coming from his journeys the last two months. Usually in the morning he will get up and pray, listen to a few sermons or teachings from some prominent Christian leaders. Yesterday he came in to the church and was telling me about some of the points he jotted down from the sermon he listened to in the morning.


He proceeded to tell me about the Dead Sea. And what he said spurred us onto a mini chat about how that looks a lot like the religious churchgoers of the world. And how this is really a challenge to us all as believers to examine our own lives and see are we actually dead? And I don’t mean dead as in the literal way, nor do I mean dead as in apart from life that is found in Jesus Christ. I mean dead like the Dead Sea dead.


In his notes he wrote down that the reason that the Dead Sea has a crazy amount of salt content in it, is because the lake has rivers that pour into it, but nowhere does the water leave through any channels. It sits there, fermenting and eventually little by little evaporates.


The more and more I look at how God can reveal His magnificence to us, His incredible size and glory. The more I am in awe of Him. He created a lake that makes no sense to us as humans. Serves no real purpose at all to us as a body of water. But yet its still there. And one of the reasons that He has revealed to us as followers is an example of what we are to the world if we let ourselves become like the Dead Sea.


So many churchgoers fall into the category of the “Sunday Christian”. Those who live a squeaky clean life on Sunday and when anyone they know from church is watching. But the weekly life looks very much like that of this world. Then there are the “Conference Junkies” those who attend every possible thing that the church or surrounding churches put out for them to attend. Just feeding off of the high that you get from attending these events that are meant for good and learning if you apply the principals taught. But these are the people who attend, and do nothing with the information received. Leaving them at a low awaiting the next event that pops up. Or you get the “Glutton of the Spirit” I know this sounds pretty harsh, but its totally a real thing. These are the people who are always seeking prayer for themselves. Always craving the spiritual encounter with the Holy Spirit, constantly being poured into over and over and over again. That explanation sound like what we are supposed to do as followers of Christ though isn’t it? Are we not supposed to crave and desire the presence of God in the deepest way possible? We are! Its good to crave the presence of Christ and to be filled constantly. The difference between a Glutton of the Spirit, and a fully functioning Christian is what you do with all that filling up that you receive. Just like the dead sea constantly has water pouring into it, these people have constant pouring in, filling up within themselves. But the Dead Sea sits there and gives no benefit to the world around it. And so do these people, its so dangerous to sit and ferment with the knowledge we gain of Christ and the workings and Glory of our Father. It’s so dangerous to have access to the gifts of the Spirit and the ability to go and do greater things then Jesus did when He was on earth, but yet do nothing.


We are called to proclaim the Gospel to all people, and to all nations. To pour out everything we have for the cause of Christ. If we don’t, what purpose are we serving? If all we do is get filled up, but never pour out. Are we then dead? Are we not walking the walk we have been told to walk?


Thoughts to ponder as we go through our days. I desire to live my life as a river. Constant in flow, and out flow. I choose to be available for God to use me as a vessel for change.