Christmas is all about the Presence

It’s days away from Christmas 2015 now and we all know the most important part about Christmas time is the presents right?…. I mean presence**** 

Our Director of Young adults coined this awesome phrase Saturday night at church just before announcements. He said ” Christmas just isn’t Christmas without the presence.” 
What a phrase! What truth behind that phrase! 

I think we often get so caught up in trying to be relevant but also a good Christ person that we are torn between giving and receiving gifts and spending the whole season rebuking those that focus on the gifts and not on our saviour. 

I love gifts! I love giving them, I love getting them! I love watching other people giving their loved ones things that they asked for! It’s beautiful to see how the act of giving can bring joy! That’s biblical you know! Gods all about gifts friends! He gives the best kinds! 

As I grow in years I have found that the number of sentimental gifts I like to give grow also. Maybe that’s the shrinking bank account due to growing responsibilities. Or maybe that’s just cause when you get older you get sappy. Either way these are gifts I love to give! And gifts I love to receive. 

This year something I’ve been paying attention to is the secular media. Before you all judge me read further. 

I’ve been noticing something shifting within it. My wife and enjoy watching the voice each week. And this season there was a shift in the atmosphere that surrounded that show. The amount of songs that were sung that praised the name of Jesus was HUGE! And the majority of these song were Christmas carols! Wow what a moment sitting in our living room along with millions of other people in theirs listening to these awesome artists knowingly or unknowingly worshiping Jesus on international tv! 

Our news is filled with fear. With hatred. Our social media feeds, ad campaigns, movies and tv shows are all pushing these secular world views of lust, fear, hate, racism, slander. We are bombarded with the far reach these tools have, almost on a second to second basis throughout our day. 
But the beautiful thing that I’ve come to see is that in all the mess of the worlds problems and sinful intentions. One moment of the Holy Spirits presence in our day is a shift towards perfect love, perfect peace, joy, happiness, generosity, thanksgiving. 

This Christmas season should never be about looking at others lives and being bitter of their position. Their stance on some trivial issues. Whether or not companies have supported Jesus or Santa… Or the color red! This season is a yearly reminder that we should remember daily! Hourly! Or like the media culture is achieving, a second to second basis! 

The presence of our everlasting King who was born into this world to save the captives. To set free those who are enslaved and in bondage! To heal the sick and mend the broken. To go before us in our call. To champion every effort! To love every person! The presence of that King, I

Is eternal! It is powerful! It is beautiful! It is present in our daily lives whether we acknowledge Him or not! 

Let’s look at the big picture and see that God is winning by a landslide! His name is being praised by billions! His Church is growing rapidly on a global scale. North America is falling behind. And it’s our job as the believers who live here to catch us up. 
Every time your singing those classic christmas carols, your worshiping Jesus friends. Every time your unsaved friends are singing those carols their hearts towards God are softening. When we let Christ shine through us, It is impossible not to be seen! 

Give good gifts of presence this season! Spread the things that can only come through intimacy with our saviour who was born on Christmas for you and for me.  

 Merry Christmas!