Blessed Assurance

Every Thursday from 4-6 pm i gather with some students in the prayer center at our church and soak in the presence of our Savior. Its amazing to me how hard it can be to sit and chill for 2 hours!

As i sit here today the first song that come on is Elevation Worships rendition of Blessed Assurance.


What a declaration of truth!

What a powerful group of words!

“This is my story, This is my song. Praising my Savior, All the day long”

The Joy, Peace, Love, Energy, Vision, and Drive I have after these 2 hours every Thursday is amazing!

Could you imagine what our world would be like if we lived these lyrics out?

“Praising my Savior all the day long”

Hurts healed just by sitting in His presence. Dreams Realized, Prophecy, Visions, Hope, Undeniable Joy, Limitless Love

I don’t give God as much time as I could. I don’t Read my bible as much as I should. And yet, God still works through me! But I’m hit with this realization that feels more real in this moment then before.

“How much more could God use me if I let Him?”

If I spent more time in His word, in His presence then Netflix? Instagram? Facebook? Twitter? Snap Chat?

“Oh what a Savior, Wonderful Jesus”

Oh what a Savior we have friends! What a wonderful Jesus we have! The magnitude of His love is Beyond my ability to learn.

This song we sing passionately is a call to action! We all have a story! The details vary person to person, but what if our overarching theme was praising Jesus all the time? How different would our hearts look? How different would our love look? how beautiful would everything be? I start to think of the potential and I get overwhelmed with how beautiful this would be!

“Death could not hold you! you are victorious! Praise to the risen King!”

YES! Stronger then Death! The always victorious King! I want to give Him more time! 2 hours every Thursday is not enough!

Friends, would you join me and as you listen to this song, meditate on your time. Where can you sacrifice something that takes life from you and give God your attention?

I Dare you! Watch your heart change!

God Bless you Beautiful People!