Dirty Snow.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that most of us have probably done something that we regret?


I’ve been around church my whole life and gone to Sunday school, gone to youth, sat in services week after week, went to conferences and camps and heard all the messages and sermons and teaching about Gods forgiveness and unfailing love, about Jesus dying for our sin and taking it away, washing us clean as snow. So why then do I so often feel like the kind of snow that’s been on the side of a busy road for a few days rather then the fresh untouched pure powdery snow that I’m supposed to feel like?


Why is there such a disconnect between what we have been taught and told all these years, and how we actually feel after we mess up, or are reminded of when we messed up?


In Joel 2 12-13, it says. That is why the Lord says, “Turn to me now, while there is time. Give me your hearts. Come with fasting, weeping, and mourning. Don’t tear your clothing in your grief, but tear your hearts instead.” Return to the Lord your God, for he is merciful and compassionate, slow to get angry and filled with unfailing love.


Now I don’t think I have ever literally ripped a piece of clothing in grief, but it paints a pretty honest picture of some of the moment I felt like absolute trash for things I’ve done, ways I’ve hurt the ones I love, and even sometime years later when it gets brought up and I haven’t given it up to God and fully accepted his unfailing love and forgiveness, it comes again.


Something that I’ve learned over a long time and still have to be reminded of almost daily is that God is eager to forgive, eager relent, eager to restore, eager to redeem. And that receiving those things comes not from our outward expression of guilt and shame and pain, but from the inward manifestation of the perfect love it takes to overcome the dirty filthy side of the road snow that clogs us up when we sin and carry ourselves further away from God.


What are you tearing your clothes over today? What has got you all tangled up in knots trying your hardest to free yourself from? Or are you just tying more knots cause you think you deserve to be tangled and tied? Maybe its really bad, maybe its just been there for so long that you have no clue how to actually live without it.


But I pray that today you can tear your hearts not your clothes, return to God for he is merciful and compassionate, slow to anger, and filled with unfailing love.


Don’t be a slave to your sinful past. Don’t let it consume you and change the person you are or the path your supposed to take. To let it affect your marriage or your relationships with others. Forgive yourself, and forgive your loved ones. Stop with the outward show of grief and start with the inward manifestation of your heart purification.


Love you all, God bless.

Transformation Tuesday

August 2016 I stepped on a scale while at the lake with my family. Usually I wouldn't have done that but I was feeling really low and really beaten down because for the second year in a row I tried to get up out of the water on my wake-board, and for the second year in a row all I got was sore shoulders, forearms and ego. I weighed in at 280Lbs the heaviest that I have ever been. I remember the feeling I had when I saw that big number between my feet. Ashamed. Completely ashamed at who I had let myself become. I wasn't really ever the person to speak out about my insecurities. I barely even let my wife into that part of my life. She obviously knew that I wasn't where I wanted to be physically. And I'm really thankful that she always supported me no matter the size I was.

Sarah cares a lot about me being around for a long time. She has never nagged me to loose weight or to eat better or anything like that, but she always made it known that her expectation of me was to be healthy enough to live long enough that we would grow old and happy together. She didn't want me to die young.

After we moved to Edmonton the first 2 months being there I unknowingly lost 20lbs. I wasn't really trying to, I still ate fatty foods, big portions, snacked lots and drank coke. But it was significantly less unhealthy food then before, and smaller portions then before. I stepped on the scale in November and saw that I was lighter, but still 260 wasn't where I needed to be. At that point in time I decided to get real with it. Enough was enough and I was going to commit to this weight loss thing.


At first I set out 100% motivated to loose the weight so that Sarah had a good looking husband. I always joked that when people would see us out and about they must be thinking, "He either has a lot of money or a really good sense of humor to have gotten a wife like that!" Sarah usually didn't find that joke to funny and would say something like "oh shut up your handsome." Of course I would dismiss that right away and stick to my version of the story. But I honestly set out saying I'm doing this for her, I'm doing this so she can have a fit husband and Jacob can have a fit father.

It was tough, I went cold turkey into it, no sugar, no carbs, lots of veggies and to my normal standard, a tiny bit of protein. Oh and a ton of water! I love cheese, I love potatoes, I love bread, I love pasta. and I love coke! All of those things had to go.

But as soon as I started to see the results. I knew it was worth it, as soon as the pounds started to fall off week after week noticing a difference in the way my clothes fit, the way I felt, the size of the number between my toes every morning. My motivation changed. Still focused on Sarah and Jacob, but suddenly I was doing it a little bit for me too.

I am an athlete. Always have been. I have been in love with sports my whole life. I've always been pretty good at most every sport I've tried. Even at my biggest I could still manage to hold my own in a basketball game, or hockey, soccer, anything I could still be competitive, but nothing close to what I was able to do when I was in shape. And now that I was getting closer and closer towards being in shape, I could start doing this a little for my own benefit, for my own self.

In the span of a little over 4 months I went from 260lbs to 200lbs. for a total in 6 months 80lbs lost. I haven't been this size in my entire adult life. This is the smallest I've been in Sarah and my entire relationship. I am 20 lbs lighter then when I thankfully convinced her to go on a date with me all those years ago! I haven't felt this good in I don't even know how many years. I can actually wear the clothes that I want to wear, I can play hard with my little boy and not be exhausted after, I can sit on the floor and build Lego with him for longer then a few minuets before my back hurts. And in a couple months when summer hits I am going to get out of the water on my wake-board. and I'm going to love every second of it!

I know that there are lots of people who want to loose weight, or want to change something about themselves whether that be appearance, or career, or anything else you can think of. I want my story of transformation to bring you hope. Hope that you can actually achieve those things you want to. You can be who you want to be. You can 100% get yourself to a healthier place in life, physically, emotionally, financially, spiritually. This isn't just about my appearance, this is about my life. This was a transformation that looks very different on the outside but has had a huge positive impact on every aspect of me as a person, my emotional state, my spiritual health, my physical body, my ability to be a good father and a good husband.

I want you all to succeed in whatever you do. And I want to pray for you to go after the things you know need to change. To choose health and longevity. Sarah and I care about you and love it when you share your success stories with us!

If you want to know a bit more in detail about how I did this and my plan for maintenance please send me a message and I will be happy to let you know all the details!

God Bless my friends!

We've Been Gone For Awhile, Here's Why.

Its been almost a year since my last post. That was never my intention when I started this blog up. The whole point of doing this was to encourage people. To get people thinking about topics and issues. Things that would help them in faith and family life. But the reality is that this past year has been a really tough year on me and my family. Probably the hardest year of my life to be honest.

This year hasn't been without its blessings and happy times but looking back I stopped writing because I lost my inspiration, my passion, my drive to really do anything at all. I had 4 good years working with the youth and leaders in Regina. In that time I learned tons about ministry, about myself, about leadership, and countless other things. But when it came to the end of our time in Regina I failed in one big way.

I knew my time at the church and our time in the city was done because I truly believe that God was calling us to take a step of faith and to go. We didn't know where, or how. But we knew that it wasn't right for us to stay in that position and start another year of ministry while we waited for the next opportunity to come. I truly believe that when God calls you to do something you have to trust Him and do it. And if I hadn't left I would have been in the place of whoever God had raised up to take my place and carry the mission forward.

The way I failed big was that I let myself get discouraged. I got so disheartened and I stopped trusting God to take care of my family. I took all the stress and pressure on myself. When doors looked open I tried to push them open. And when they inevitably shut I looked at myself and my lack as the reason it didn't pan out. I told Sarah countless times that maybe I'm not supposed to do ministry, maybe I'm not supposed to pastor people or to lead ministries. Maybe it was just a time in my life and now I'm supposed to just get a job and make money to pay bills.

I forgot everything God had ever told me about why He created me. What He created me to do. I let the enemy almost take me out. It just felt like blow after blow came bigger and bigger. We had some opportunities that didn't pan out. We had to sell our house, and we thankfully did sell it, but we lost a significant amount of money on it which hurt. We had nowhere to go after that so we thankfully had both our parents offer us their home to live in. And many of you know we went to Edmonton. My parents graciously let us live in their home, helped us out in so many ways. It was a huge blessing being there and spending that time with family. But no one wants to move back home, especially with their wife and son.

Again I looked Internally, I looked at myself and I believed that I was a failure as a husband and a father because I was unable to provide the basic needs of my wife and son. I couldn't get a job anywhere for months. We ended up just working part time for minimum wage to try and cover our bills. And I honestly felt humiliated every day I went to work. Again I started to believe lies about my identity and about who I was and what I was worth.

Through this span of 6 months in Edmonton I had looked into starting school. I found a great program that I can do at my own pace from anywhere in the world with internet. So I have officially started working towards my Bachelor of Theology in Pastoral Ministry. Kind of intimidating but good overall.

Our life and our marriage had been attacked so much since we chose to live by faith and trust God to meet our needs. Its been honestly really challenging at times to stay the course and hold onto the promises we believe. I've been weak, I've been insecure, I've been cold, I've been distant. And none of those things are who I should be, or who I promised to be when Sarah and I got married. Thankfully she picks up my slack when I'm low. Thankfully she has stuck through thick and thin. Thankfully when things get bad we both sit on the bed and pray to God to be our strength. To lead us and guide us.

It got to the place where we just needed to step out and make it on our own. We took the little money we had left over and moved out to Kelowna on March 1st. Believing that God Has something for us here. We don't have jobs yet, but we have faith. And we have strength again as a unit.

I guess all I'm trying to say to whoever reads this is that people have often looked at Sarah and I and thought that we have it all together or that we don't struggle with things. I guess I want you to know that this last year has been really hard. We have struggled, and we have learned that its not about perfection, its not about having it all together, its not about getting everything you want when you want it (cause, does that ever happen?) What I have learned through this whole year is that God cares about faithfulness. If you can be faithful in all the little things and big things in life you will have success and joy.

We are happy, we have nothing. No income, no jobs, not really any decent looking prospects even. But we know that God has a plan for us and that He promised that He would take care of our needs. Its about trusting God with everything you have and with everything you are so that when you are in the lowest of the low, when you have lost your passion, lost your inspiration, when your marriage or family life looks hopeless. You have that strength to fall back on, to trust in, to hold fast to. 

Please pray for us, pray that we continue to Hold fast to the promises He has given us. pray that the good doors open, that we follow and walk by faith even when it gets hard, and we will pray for you also. We pray that you find joy in all situations, that you hold onto the promises God has given you. That you will prosper and remain faithful in the big and little things.

If there is anyway we can pray specifically for you and your needs. Or you just want to talk please message us. We genuinely love you and believe that you all have amazing gifts and amazing destinies. We want to be part of the team that sees you walk in the fullness of what God has for you.

Love you all.

Nathan White.

Dont Play The Comparison Game

Have you ever compared yourself to others? Have you ever tried to do something the same way someone else has and wonder why you didn’t succeed the same way they did?


I find it fascinating how prone to comparison and copying we are as humans. It is almost inevitable! Try and go a day without subconsciously looking at someone else and thinking about how they have MORE then you, or how you have MORE then they do! I cant remember a day that I didn’t find myself playing this game and not even realizing it!


I have been learning a lesson over the last few months that seems so simple but it so hard to implement in my life day to day. Maybe I’m the weird one who struggles with this and none of you do, but I’m going to bet that at least a few of you reading this will be able to relate.


I tend to copy people if I’m not sure how to go about something. If someone has had any success at the thing I’m trying to do, I will almost always lean towards doing it EXACTLY the same way. Usually I realize a few minutes into planning it that I have to change a few things around. But still it looks a lot like what they did.


I find this especially prevalent in my ministry with teens. There are so many different opinions and voices telling young youth pastors and leaders how to reach their students. How to build a big ministry that impacts a large number of kids. I have those desires in my heart. All the more reason to copy the greats right? It worked for them! Why can’t it work for me? RIGHT?!?! Makes sense.


Or does it? Because the more I look at what has worked for other people the less effective it is for me. The harder I have to work to pretend like I can preach like Judah Smith, or invent games like talk show writers. Its exhausting trying to be like other people! I don’t know if you have ever tired it, but thinking about it makes me want to have a nap!


Something that God is really showing me in a very direct way is that there is a reason He made me the way He did. I am Nathan White, and I am the only one. God has a plan for my life, and He’s given me the personality, the brain and the skills to be excellent in my calling.


I know that I was created for big things, and I know I’ve wasted a lot of time trying to be like those who have succeeded before me. Or who are succeeding right now. The reality is that Gods already got that spot filled with those people. While my place is left empty as I wonder around like a blind man trying to be the next (insert name here) and all along gods plan was for me to be the only Nathan White.


I don’t know anyone feels like this sometimes? Maybe there are a number of you who feel stuck where you are. Not sure what the next step is, how to go on striving for the excellence you’ve been chasing and working towards but seems to never come. I want you to know that God created you for a specific reason, and you’re the absolute best person to achieve that! Don’t hesitate in doing your work the way you have been created to do it!


Sometime people wont understand why your doing it this way, and they may even tell you to do it a different way, but at the end of the day, your most effective work will be done when you are doing it the way you were created to do it.


Ask God how and why He made you, what is different about you that is going to be the spark that ignites your passion? He gave it to you, and He will tell you!


In all that you do, be excellent my friends. God Made you with precision and uniquely formed everything that makes each of us up, lets be honoring to Him by utilizing our one of a kind qualities to build His Kingdom!

Are You Worth Following?

This morning in our staff meeting we looked at Philippians 3:17 which states


“Brothers, join in imitating me, and keep your eyes on those who walk according to the example you have in us”


As we went on it was talked about how we should imitate those who have gone before us in Christ and model our life after them as they model theirs after Jesus.


I couldn’t help but think about my little boy at home with momma. Picturing the way he will look up at me with his big innocent eyes, dreaming about one day being as tall as me. Basically the way I looked at my dad when I was young.


I remember watching my dad do all sorts of things; just amazed at how good he was at everything! I watched him drive and thought I would NEVER get that good! I watched him play sports and he was always faster and stronger and better then I was. He could always beat me at any game we played if he didn’t let me win.


I kind of strolled off in the middle of devotions mentally and just thought of all those moments I had with my dad. And looked forward to those moments Jacob will have with me.


And then I felt this weight of responsibility immediately push down on me. I felt so inadequate. I began to recount all my failures and shortcomings. All the things that are wrong with my character and my personality; all the times I’ve been lazy and dishonest; all the moments I was selfish and unkind. And I thought “do I really want my son to model his life after mine?!?!?”


And then when I got back to my desk I cracked open the bible and looked at a few verses above.  Check it out.


Philippians 3:12-16


12Not that I have already obtained this or am already perfect, but I press on to make it my own, because Christ Jesus has made me his own. 13Brothers, I do not consider that I have made it my own. But one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and straining forward to what lies ahead, 14I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus. 15Let those of us who are mature think this way, and if in anything you think otherwise, God will reveal that also to you. 16Only let us hold true to what we have attained.”




I don’t know how many of you have shortcomings in your life; how many of you have someone or many people who model their life after you; how many people your are responsible for. But no matter the number or the stakes, these few verses took that weight off my shoulders. Maybe they will help you too?

Have I failed? Am I awesome? Am I the world’s best dad? Am I the most capable role model? The answer to those is no BTW.


But you know who I am? I am Jacobs’s dad. And that was God BEST plan for his life! Do I know why God designed it that way? NOPE! But do I know its true? YES!


God trusts me to raise my son the right way, with the help of the Holy Spirit and Sarah of course. But God trusts me and has given me the mission of living my life in a way that my little boy can look at and model his after.


I have all the confidence in the world for my life to be a beautiful thing that many people can look at and find some part of it that’s applicable to theirs, as long as I remain in obedience to my Father in heaven. He will guide and lead me, nothing I have is my own doing, and all the good in my life is a gift from Him.


The call to greatness is on each of us friends! We all have someone who is going to look at us and model his or her life after the way we live ours! We are called to make disciples are we not? We are called to be fruitful and multiply are we not? We are called to occupy this world and spread the good news of Jesus Christ are we not?


If you believe that paragraph above then you will have people modeling their lives after you.


Don’t get bogged down in your failures and character flaws. Chase after the good things of God; pursue righteousness and holiness in Jesus. And with the help of the Holy Spirit (and in many cases moms) be awesome dads, be awesome moms! Be awesome leaders! Be great people of influence that are led by Jesus!


WE can make a difference in our world Friends!


God bless! Let me know what you think below!



How an Infant Shared Jesus with Thousands

My Son Jacob is 7 weeks old today and he has already shared the Gospel Of Jesus with 2000 people.


Many of you have read the posts Sarah or I wrote about Jacobs Birth, if not you can find them Here, and Here. In the moments of terror and uncertainty I held on to the truth that God is good all the time. Even when things are out of our control God has things under wraps. I knew that my family would be saved because I knew that God has big things for Sarah and Jacob in their lives!


In 7 weeks my son has shared the good news that is Jesus Christ with 2,367 people! Some are saved, many are not. But every person who has read the story of how God rescued him and his mom were touched deeply!


What a thing to watch your sons’ life already impacting the world around him for the Glory of his Heavenly Father. As his dad my heart wells up with happiness to watch him learning things around him, to watch Jacob notice Sarah around the house. When she walks into a room he follows her with his eyes. The love that he has in his heart for people is immense! When he was in the womb I prayed for him everyday. I prayed that God would make him a strong and courageous man that had a strong heart full of love for humanity. That Jacob would be a man of influence. That his Reach would Stretch across the globe. That he would be given wisdom and compassion. That he would know the joy of the lord in a passionate way. That his words would cause others to turn to Jesus. That his friendship would bring light into the lives of others.


To see God using him as a 7-week-old baby to impact the lives of 2000 people gives my heart joy!


Let us never discount the contribution that children can make to the kingdom. And furthermore, let us never put God in a box. If he can use an infant to spread the gospel, he can use you to accomplish the dreams and visions He’s placed before you.


God bless you all from all of us! Nathan, Sarah, Jacob.

Two Words I Thought Would Break My Heart

 By: Sarah White
Wednesday November 18th at 3am, I woke up to a morning I thought to be normal. At 27 weeks pregnant peeing at every hour of the morning is exactly that… Normal… until I felt this excruciating pain in my upper back and on top of my baby bump. I got down on my hands and knees on the bathroom mat and tried to stretch it out. Man oh man! What was my son doing in there! With no luck I decided a hot shower might work but still the pain did not fade. After trying to cope for half an hour on my own with no budge, I knew it was time to wake Nathan. He immediately called my mom in Calgary for what to do. Ice. Heat. Massage. Stretch. Walk. Essentially we tried everything we learnt in prenatal classes. Back Labor? Pre-Labor? Labor? Braxton Hicks??? Heck! If this was fake labor, HOW ON EARTH was I going to cope with the REAL thing!!? I could not sit still, the pain just got stronger and stronger with no breaks. After calling the hospital, we packed the car and were on our way. 
4:00am we walked…waddled… into the emergency room. First thing I did was get down on my hands and knees and grab anything I could to empty my stomach contents in. Oh Lord! I’m already throwing up from the pain?!! You Wimp! All that ran through my head was, this is fake labor get up and deal with it. After Nathan got the wristband from the check in desk, the nurse offered a wheel chair. I obviously turned that down because I wanted to “woman up,” until I took two steps towards the door and realized I couldn’t walk the distance. 
Nathan wheeled me up to the doors of the labor and delivery unit where I demanded I walk from that point forward. The nurses were expecting us as per our phone call. It felt like we were waiting forever in that observational room. I paced and paced the room, lay on the bare hospital floor. I was unable to sit, unable to keep still, this was pain I had never felt before. What was going on? My blood pressure spiked and I started going into labor. The nurses gave me a total of 20 milligrams of morphine that did nothing for the pain, then 10 milligrams of fentanyl (which worked for 10 minutes). They needed to get the pain under control so we could go and get an ultrasound to make sure baby was okay. 
At 10:00am the doctor came in, there was no time for an ultrasound. They had figured out what was wrong. HELLP syndrome. H (Hemolysis), EL (elevated liver enzymes), LP (low platelet count).

Little background on what that is… HELLP syndrome is a life-threatening pregnancy complication usually considered to be a variant of preeclampsia. The most common reasons for mothers to become critically ill or die are liver rupture or stroke where you can lose mom or baby or both. There are usually a bunch of warning signs for this condition but I had none of them. My body went right into the liver pain. 
So… It was liver pain that I was experiencing and my platelets were at 37 instead of a normal 300. That is when the doctor said two specific words that made my heart drop “Sarah, we need to get you in for an Emergency C-Section right away.” I knew something was wrong. It was in her voice. Lord no. Please no. Tell me my baby is okay. I cried out to God to protect my little baby boy, take me lord. Not him. Before we knew it, I was sitting on the operating table with a needle in my back for the epidural so they could start the surgery. I lay back on the table with my arms sprawled out with all these tubes in my hands. I turned my head and Nathan was sitting there crying his eyes out as he called out to Jesus to protect his family. So much emotion in his eyes. He was just as scared as I was.
I will never forget the feeling that ran through my body. This feeling that overtook my entire being. Lord, take me. Take me and not my baby boy. That was the only thing I could ask God for in that moment. I felt so helpless. So powerless. They put up a little curtain to protect the operating field, so I could not see what was happening. Time stood still as they began to rub my tummy down. They started to cut through the layers of skin to my womb…I sat as still as I could…. Listening…..waiting….praying….
“Stand up Nathan and watch your son being born.” Said the doctor. That’s when God answered my prayers, I heard my precious baby boys cry for the first time. He was okay. The Lord had protected my baby when I was physically unable to. I was so overwhelmingly grateful in that moment. What an amazing God we serve. Where I am weak, he is strong. 
I just wanted to share this and say to all of you out there that no matter what the mountain is that you have to climb, God is greater. Whether you know it or not, he is walking with you, holding your hand. He hears your cries when no one else does. He is “the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.” Please do not give up on him because he will NEVER give up on you. 
Love you all. God Bless and Merry Christmas!

Christmas is all about the Presence

It’s days away from Christmas 2015 now and we all know the most important part about Christmas time is the presents right?…. I mean presence**** 

Our Director of Young adults coined this awesome phrase Saturday night at church just before announcements. He said ” Christmas just isn’t Christmas without the presence.” 
What a phrase! What truth behind that phrase! 

I think we often get so caught up in trying to be relevant but also a good Christ person that we are torn between giving and receiving gifts and spending the whole season rebuking those that focus on the gifts and not on our saviour. 

I love gifts! I love giving them, I love getting them! I love watching other people giving their loved ones things that they asked for! It’s beautiful to see how the act of giving can bring joy! That’s biblical you know! Gods all about gifts friends! He gives the best kinds! 

As I grow in years I have found that the number of sentimental gifts I like to give grow also. Maybe that’s the shrinking bank account due to growing responsibilities. Or maybe that’s just cause when you get older you get sappy. Either way these are gifts I love to give! And gifts I love to receive. 

This year something I’ve been paying attention to is the secular media. Before you all judge me read further. 

I’ve been noticing something shifting within it. My wife and enjoy watching the voice each week. And this season there was a shift in the atmosphere that surrounded that show. The amount of songs that were sung that praised the name of Jesus was HUGE! And the majority of these song were Christmas carols! Wow what a moment sitting in our living room along with millions of other people in theirs listening to these awesome artists knowingly or unknowingly worshiping Jesus on international tv! 

Our news is filled with fear. With hatred. Our social media feeds, ad campaigns, movies and tv shows are all pushing these secular world views of lust, fear, hate, racism, slander. We are bombarded with the far reach these tools have, almost on a second to second basis throughout our day. 
But the beautiful thing that I’ve come to see is that in all the mess of the worlds problems and sinful intentions. One moment of the Holy Spirits presence in our day is a shift towards perfect love, perfect peace, joy, happiness, generosity, thanksgiving. 

This Christmas season should never be about looking at others lives and being bitter of their position. Their stance on some trivial issues. Whether or not companies have supported Jesus or Santa… Or the color red! This season is a yearly reminder that we should remember daily! Hourly! Or like the media culture is achieving, a second to second basis! 

The presence of our everlasting King who was born into this world to save the captives. To set free those who are enslaved and in bondage! To heal the sick and mend the broken. To go before us in our call. To champion every effort! To love every person! The presence of that King, I

Is eternal! It is powerful! It is beautiful! It is present in our daily lives whether we acknowledge Him or not! 

Let’s look at the big picture and see that God is winning by a landslide! His name is being praised by billions! His Church is growing rapidly on a global scale. North America is falling behind. And it’s our job as the believers who live here to catch us up. 
Every time your singing those classic christmas carols, your worshiping Jesus friends. Every time your unsaved friends are singing those carols their hearts towards God are softening. When we let Christ shine through us, It is impossible not to be seen! 

Give good gifts of presence this season! Spread the things that can only come through intimacy with our saviour who was born on Christmas for you and for me.  

 Merry Christmas! 

My Story of Hope

November 18th 3am.


My wife Sarah woke up with extreme pain in her mid back and across the top of her now very large baby bump. This was a pain unlike anything she had ever felt before.

While I was still sleeping she tried to find ways to deal with the pain. Finally after 40 minutes of coping on her own she woke me up. Immediately I could see that something was really hurting her. My first thought was she’s in labor. But she said the pain is not coming and going. Its not throbbing, its not contractions. This is constant pain its sharp, its direct. It was so severe that she couldn’t keep still. She could hardly speak.


We asked others advice. And decided to go the emergency. On our way I remember the thought running through my head so clearly.


“Our baby isn’t due for 2 weeks!” “He cant come today, I’m not ready”


We got to the emergency Triage desk and Sarah was on the floor vomiting in a trashcan while the nurse and I are trying to get through everything quickly.


We get up to labor and delivery only to find out that Sarah is not in labor, she’s not dilated at all. No contractions, but still this unbearable pain.


Hours later after 20 Mills of morphine that offered no relief. And 10 of fentanyl that gave about 10 minutes of pain relief. The OBGYN on call came in and told me that there was no time for the ultrasound. That for mother and baby’s safety we had to go for an emergency C-Section right now!


Those words pierced my heart. What was wrong with my wife? What could happen to my family? Would I have to be that man who goes into the hospital with his pregnant wife, and walks out later that day alone?


The fear and uncertainty instantly overcame everything that is me. I felt nothing but horror. Anxiety. FEAR! In that moment I began to cry out to God aloud in the room as I’m putting on the gown and shoe covers to go into the O.R.


“God, Don’t take my family away from me!”


Over and over again I cried out to God!


“God don’t let me walk out of this hospital without them!”


“Jesus you are my refuge and my strength! You have plans for our life! This is not the end for Sarah! This is not the end for Jacob! You have BIG things for them! You want to use them to reach your lost children!”


As I spoke the truth that was in my heart over my wife and my unborn son I could feel the fear and anxiety starting to vanish. This overwhelming peace and boldness came over me. Boldness to speak to the mountain in front of me and tell it how small it is compared to my God! Death has nothing on my God! A randomly failing liver has nothing on my God!


I began to feel so secure. Knowing that there would be nothing wrong with either my wife or my son after the surgery. My role as the husband and the father was to exercise my authority in my family. And to lead us 3 into the presence of our King right in the Operating Room. The thought ran through my mind as i was holding Sarah’s hand while she lay on the table. If this were it for both of them, Jesus would still be enough to sustain me. And as that thought came into my mind the nurse told me to stand up and watch as my son was born.


I watched him being pulled out of my wife’s incision. Carried over to the table to be cleaned off and weighed. He started to cry, and the nurse said to me “ you can touch him, he is your son.” I put my finger in his tiny hand and he grabbed onto it, pulled it to the side of his face and calmed down. Immediately I felt my spirit change. I felt refreshed, I felt like a new man. I felt this overwhelming, unconditional love for this tiny little boy.


I turned to the nurse and asked “is he ok?” and replied with “he’s perfect! Nothing wrong at all!” “Thank You JESUS!” I carried him over to Sarah and laid him on her chest right up to her face so she could talk to him. We were both crying because in a matter of 35 minutes we went from complete terror and crying out to God for healing in desperation to seeing and holding the tangible answer to my prayer! My son was born and was healthy! And my wife was ok!


Exactly 2 days later I walked out of that hospital with my son in his car seat, and holding my wife’s hand.


Nothing is bigger then my God! Death was on the doorstep for my family, and yet they are here.


I can only anticipate the BIG things those two will do for the Kingdom of God if the enemy tried to take them out this way.


Whatever your mountain is today, be encouraged to exercise the authority you have in Jesus to speak to that mountain! The Truth that is Jesus Christ will always be victorious over the biggest problems we face. God is enough to sustain you through the darkest moments of your life. I lived through my biggest fear by the grace and the peace of God that surpasses all understanding. I was hopeful. I had a desire to walk out with my family and I anticipated that being my reality. God is ALWAYS good.


Be encouraged friends. Pass this on to those who may need to hear it.

Blessed Assurance

Every Thursday from 4-6 pm i gather with some students in the prayer center at our church and soak in the presence of our Savior. Its amazing to me how hard it can be to sit and chill for 2 hours!

As i sit here today the first song that come on is Elevation Worships rendition of Blessed Assurance.


What a declaration of truth!

What a powerful group of words!

“This is my story, This is my song. Praising my Savior, All the day long”

The Joy, Peace, Love, Energy, Vision, and Drive I have after these 2 hours every Thursday is amazing!

Could you imagine what our world would be like if we lived these lyrics out?

“Praising my Savior all the day long”

Hurts healed just by sitting in His presence. Dreams Realized, Prophecy, Visions, Hope, Undeniable Joy, Limitless Love

I don’t give God as much time as I could. I don’t Read my bible as much as I should. And yet, God still works through me! But I’m hit with this realization that feels more real in this moment then before.

“How much more could God use me if I let Him?”

If I spent more time in His word, in His presence then Netflix? Instagram? Facebook? Twitter? Snap Chat?

“Oh what a Savior, Wonderful Jesus”

Oh what a Savior we have friends! What a wonderful Jesus we have! The magnitude of His love is Beyond my ability to learn.

This song we sing passionately is a call to action! We all have a story! The details vary person to person, but what if our overarching theme was praising Jesus all the time? How different would our hearts look? How different would our love look? how beautiful would everything be? I start to think of the potential and I get overwhelmed with how beautiful this would be!

“Death could not hold you! you are victorious! Praise to the risen King!”

YES! Stronger then Death! The always victorious King! I want to give Him more time! 2 hours every Thursday is not enough!

Friends, would you join me and as you listen to this song, meditate on your time. Where can you sacrifice something that takes life from you and give God your attention?

I Dare you! Watch your heart change!

God Bless you Beautiful People!

Life in the Womb! How Beautiful is That?

Psalm 139

13 You made all the delicate, inner parts of my body
and knit me together in my mother’s womb.
14 Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex!
Your workmanship is marvelous—how well I know it.
15 You watched me as I was being formed in utter seclusion,
as I was woven together in the dark of the womb.
16 You saw me before I was born.
Every day of my life was recorded in your book.
Every moment was laid out
before a single day had passed.

17 How precious are your thoughts about me,[b] O God.
They cannot be numbered!
18 I can’t even count them;
they outnumber the grains of sand!
And when I wake up,
you are still with me!

How different this verse reads when your wife has your child in her womb.

At 12 weeks I saw my son jumping, wiggling around, he had his fingers and toes, he had his face and his body, he had his heartbeat. How could anyone say that he wasn’t alive? God has been knitting my son together in Sarah womb for 6 months. Intricately designing him. If the greatest artist creates something how beautiful and valuable must that creation be? It amazes me to think that my son is known by God, that he was chosen to be made. That he is being watched by God right now. And that God is smiling at the sight of my son. As much joy and happiness I feel when I watch my boy move, when I hear his rapid heartbeat, as I feel him kick my hand! I know that Gods joy is greater!

How profound is this passage? How unimaginable is this work? My boy is so deeply loved by his Heavenly Father. I am so honored by this gift!

God is knitting together my son as I type, how powerful is that? The spirit of Gods creativity and awesome power is at work tangibly right now in Sarah’s womb!

How great is this Love that He has for us? How perfect are His ways? How beautiful is the life of a newborn baby? How purposeful are they in the Kingdom of God?

My son’s days are recorded! His calling is set! His mission is clear! How calming is it to know that if his mission is clear before he’s born, that our mission is clear? How much peace should we feel when we think that God has created us and placed tremendous value on our lives? The God who does not make a mistake created you for a huge reason! Intricately created for intimacy with Him!

Life is a miracle, life is a blessing, and the one who gives it defines life.

How beautiful is this Love? How beautiful and precious is our life? And how much more would we desire to use it for the Glory of God if we could meditate on this miracle daily!

God thank you for my life! Thank you for the life of my wife, and my son. Use us to bring you glory all of our days!

Be Blessed All You Wonderful People!

Be blessed all you wonderful people!

Hi, My Name is Gomer

Hosea was a prophet of God.  People knew this was “THE GUY.” the guy who talked for God! And one day he wakes up and hears God say to him. “Hosea, I want you to get married.” That’s not so bad hey? Pretty good thing to wake up to. Marriage is pretty good. But then Gods like, “I want you to marry a prostitute……. Oh and her name is Gomer.” WHAT?!?!? This well-known prophet is supposed to go find a prostitute and marry her? Imagine what was going through his head?! What would the people think!? And where does this guy go find this woman? I imagine this holy man walking down to the red light district, or the local brothel accidentally running into people from church awkwardly asking “ hey is Gomer here? I want to marry her.” Tough assignment to say the least!

But they get married; things are pretty good for a bit, they have 3 kids. And one day Hosea wakes up and Gomer is gone. In a moment he become this single father. 3 kids, the prophet to a nation. That’s a bit of stress! But he hears God say, “go get Gomer back from the men who are loving her” (just typing that breaks me) so Hosea heads out to find his wife, who has left, and is in the sex slave industry. Being sold, and purchased to be a slave to men. A slave to this sin! And Hosea Purchases her back! This woman who is already his wife, his bride, the mother of his children! He has to buy her! I imagine like this auction setting. And Hosea says to the auctioneer. “ Hey man, that’s my wife!” and the guy says, I don’t care who she is, this is the price.” And Hosea opens his wallet up, and buys her back. And they go home. And Hosea says, be faithful to me, and I will be the same to you.

This is an image of Christ in our life.

I am Gomer. You are Gomer. How many times am I off somewhere letting sin control my life? Even though I know that God is my God, that I ought not to be where I am, I have become a slave to sin. I have been unfaithful to my God. And he came to the cross. And willingly crawled on top of it. And purchased me again. And His Love is So Vastly huge! That if it called for it again, He would get back on day after day, at the CHANCE! That I might accept. At the CHANCE! That you might accept!

So often we find ourselves back in our old ways. We know the truth, we know we have been set free because of our faith in Jesus. But we wonder, we stray away from our home. Finding ourselves lost in our past. Condemning ourselves, and judging ourselves, and minimizing the love that Jesus has for us.

Understand the Value that we hold before God. Understand that expansive Love that He holds for us! Understand His wild obsession for each of us individually! Know the truth that set you free from the chains of sin and death. And ACCEPT the truth of the life giving power of our Lord Jesus.

The Fathers Heart

From time to time I find myself looking at my life and wondering how am I supposed to fill the role that I have been given. How do I successfully lead High school students into a deeper understanding and experiential relationship with Jesus? How do I grow as a husband so my wife can feel safe, secure, loved, cherished, and adored? How do I prepare myself to raise a son who is coming into this world in 3 very short months? Every aspect of my life is expanding, growing, and changing. And some moment like this feel daunting to say the least. My mind gets blown when I think about who I think I am, knowing all the areas that I’ve failed, all the times that I knew what I should do, but chose to be lazy or irresponsible and take the easy road. And then to wonder why God would call me to this life? Why would be give me the responsibility that he has? Why would be entrust me with lots of high school students, and a wonderful wife, and now this little boy. Why would he give me that? What did I bring to the table that would cause Him to look at me and say, “He is the man for this job”?

What we don’t often understand is that our faith in God as almost nothing to do with us. Our calling and our purpose has very little to do with us. And if I brought nothing to the table aside from choosing to believe that God is in control and he is good at being in control then why should I be worried about leading a ministry, or leading my family? Or raising my son? If I really believe what I believe then I should know that God is WAY more interested in seeing His kids come to know a love Him. He is WAY more invested in my marriage succeeding and thriving! He is WAY more obsessed with the life of my Son!

I’m a broken man, I’ve failed, and I will always fall short when I take matters into my own hands. But I was reading the first chapter in Ephesians a few weeks ago, and I underlined all the times where words addressing God were written. And I realized that He saved our lives because He wants to. That it was His plan to give His son so that we might be saved by His name for His Glory. See, all we brought to the table was our choice to trust Him.

Wherever I fall short in the call He has placed on my life is tiny compared to His ability to make up for them.

He is such a good father. His heart is a heart of restoration, redemption, a heart to rescue and receive. His Heart is to draw His children into relationship with Him by calling their spirit, by His spirit, to His heart. Amazing!

Whatever shortcomings you believe are hindering your ability to be a good spouse, parent, employee, friend, son or daughter. Recognize the freedom in knowing that we don’t have to manage everything. We have the freedom to run fast in God plan for us! He is not concerned with our past; He is not worried about whatever might come down the line. All He wants is for us to believe and trust that this is all about Him, and He will make it all work for good.

Be blessed today as you read this! My hope is that you might find some comfort in knowing that Gods got you covered. You’re the person for the job! And you’re going to succeed!

Why is Faith so Hard?

Faith is hard,

I struggle with, “Is my faith in something of weight? Of value? Truth?”  And I realized it’s OK to feel stuck, to doubt. It’s our fallen nature. It’s natural to question. Because we have this need and desire to understand things. As humans we are taught in society that we are supreme. We are the top of the food chain. And we can see the lesser beings below us, and can explain what they are. In comparison, when we make something. When we create something. We understand what it is, we put it together.

That’s like God, He knows us, He knows that because of sin we question His power, and existence. And yet He still desires to call us home because His love is that great, that abundant that whatever we do against His laws, against His will, He just wants to be with us in paradise. He is willing to forgive all of our shortcomings, and give us a gift.

What is a gift? It’s something one has giving to another. All we have to do is accept.

Salvation is a gift. We just need to accept.

And even Further then that, Believe that He has great Plans for our life, that He cares about our problems.

A number of weeks ago my wife and I found out that we are welcoming our first child into the world in November of this year. And honestly I got really scared. All of a sudden there was this tiny little alien shaped thing that is entrusted to me to care for, and teach, and provide, and love? IM 23!

The craziest part of the whole thing is that Sarah barely has a bump, and i already love this baby so much! I am So concerned about their welfare, and protection, and development. I am so obsessed with my baby, and it doesn’t even have a face!

For those who are parents, you probably know the feeling. The feeling that their is nothing you can do for them except pray. You cant see them growing, or make sure that they are developing the right way. All you have is faith. That’s all we have to hold onto! FAITH, that God has it covered. There is nothing that’s more terrifying, but at the same time comforting.

Just as i am so obsessed with the welfare of my unborn child, exponentially greater is the obsession that God has for me, and for you.

So when I feel stuck in my faith, that it in something religious and routine. I think about what life would be like if I had no faith, if I didn’t know about God. If I didn’t know that I could rely on him in the tough times. If i didn’t know that i could ask him to take care of my baby, and my pregnant wife. If their was nothing to trust in, and hold onto in these terrifying moments in life.

That is a hopeless thought.

Vegas Vacation

Vegas Vacation:

Recently my wife and I went of a vacation to Las Vegas. The idea that a Christian couple, let alone myself as someone who works in ministry at a church going to the most sinful place in north America for a vacation was something that we herd A LOT about leading up to the trip. HOW SCANDALOUS!

The reality is it was an affordable escape from the wintery plains of Southern Saskatchewan.

We stayed at this awesome resort that was a bit off of the stripe so we were away from all the hustle and bustle, drunken people, and promiscuity. It was a great time! We hung out at the pool all day, being relaxed and refreshed as a couple, BBQing everyday. Drinking a ridiculous amount of vanilla coke! It was a great time. We would venture out after the tanning hours of the day had left. And walk around to see all the gigantic buildings and crazy themed malls that each and every hotel on the stripe has to offer! We looked at the Coke store, the Hershey’s store, you name it, it’s probably on the stripe.

But we also saw a display of the most broken society I have ever witnessed. I’ve been to a lot of places in the world. Seen a lot of third world countries, seen starvation, disease, girls rescued from the sex slave industry. But never before had I seen average North American people stuck, in this rut of addiction, complacency. Acceptance of sin and objectification! It broke my heart! Walking down the street and every corner someone standing there with a shirt that says “Girls Girls Girls, Hot Girls to you in 20 Mins or less!” Like these women are pizza or Chinese food! These people have cards in there hands that have naked women on them, and a number you call to order one! I am walking hand in hand with my wife. And time after time they offer these cards to me. I’m walking around looking at the sky so I don’t see something I shouldn’t. My wife is getting more and more frustrated with these people that she turns to me and says “ all I want to do is slap the cards out of there hands!” I couldn’t believe what I was seeing!

When we got back home it left me wondering how many souls did I walk past that week that ruined their life while in Vegas? How many girls were “ordered” like food, how many people fell further into an addiction that is choking them?

It left me feeling like it wasn’t an accident that my wife and I went there and saw those things. I can’t shake the feeling like we will be back again. But this time commissioned by the Father of those lost and broken souls we walked past. The Father who sees the beautiful creation He decided was worth creating. He sees that person who He desires to have a relationship with. He sees those people who shame themselves daily, who push this industry along. Who are directly involved in breaking homes, families, and lives. And He reminded me that He would climb up on that cross day after day, just to spend eternity with one of them.

It amazes me the Love of Christ. It inspires me to never loose the Awe of His Goodness, Faithfulness, Power and Grace!

Join with me and lets pray for Las Vegas! Lets pray for those who are there right now and are stuck in something! Lets pray for those who are perpetuating these issues! They are all loved by the Father. And that means we are called to love them too.

Envious of the Arrogant

Envious of the Arrogant

As a Staff at my church we pray together every week on Wednesday morning for about a half hour. It a super awesome way to get the workday started!

This morning I was reading Psalm 73:3 where its says “for I was envious of the arrogant when I saw the prosperity of the wicked” and it got me thinking about how often I too feel envious of those who arrogantly have much. Even the arrogant Christians who feel like they have to glorify themselves while on earth. It’s somewhat off-putting to hear someone talk so highly of themselves as a minister of the Gospel, or a follower of Christ, when its really clear that’s a dangerous road to venture down. But yet, and I don’t think I am alone in this. In those moments of glorifying themselves I find myself thinking thoughts like, “wow, they must pray a lot more then I do.” Or “ I wish people would see the great things that I do regularly.” But as I think about is more and more the Holy Spirit convicts my heart and my desire to be glorified on earth by man. He shows me the value that I have in His Kingdom.

Let us not desire glorification by man. Let us not be envious of those who shout their works from a high place.

And as Christians and leaders we must always remember that God gets the glory. All we have done in be obedient and walk by faith. Lets be sure to tell the world why we do what we do! HOW we do the great things we do! Let your life of faithfulness be a guide to salvation through Jesus Christ. That’s the greatest work you could ever do for the Kingdom of God.

Magnitude of the Cross

Magnitude of the Cross:



How strong must Jesus be to have taken the full weight of every sin? I find myself thinking about how many people have actually lived? Over the last 2014 years since Christ died to take the sins and baggage that we hold onto so tightly.


I am so overwhelmed with the actual amount of love that Jesus poured out on us all when I attempt to understand the impossible number of sins he actually took all at once.


You know how Gods word tells us that the wages of sin is death? That doesn’t mean that the wages of all the sin you ever commit is death. What if someone only committed one sin? Is that enough to deserve death? But before we go farther we have to examine the biblical meanings of these words. What is sin? It’s missing the mark, not hitting bull’s-eye on the target of being like God in his perfection. And what is Death? Its separation from God, who is the giver of life. Its not just no longer breathing.


How many times have you personally missed the mark of perfection as measured by God? Take a moment to be really honest with yourself and look at your life. You can’t even count high enough to account for all times you have missed that mark.


And how amazing is it that Jesus our savior had to die that many times to atone for only your sin? Because he desired to be in eternal relationship with you personally.


Now that you’re thinking about what he’s done for you. Get your head around this thought. I’ve seen many different estimates on how many people have lived since Christ died. Anywhere from 25 billion to 100 billion. Lets just be fair and estimate somewhere in the middle of that. I’m going to say 55 billion people. Now think about the countless times you personally have missed the mark, and multiply that by 55 billion.


As I write this I’m and so overwhelmed with the Love of God, to show how much He loved His children to give His own Son to take all of that death, so that we could have a way to be in relationship with Him. So that we could live eternally in perfect peace!



My heart is that much more broken for those who refuse what has already been done for them. And even more for those who don’t even know about Jesus.


Looking at what Jesus did for me, and the world, makes me examine my priorities. If my life should be modeled after Jesus’ life, how many times should I be willing to die to save my brothers and sisters? How many times should I step out of my comfort zone to tell someone who doesn’t have a clue about how much their Savior loves them regardless of where they are at, or what they have done?

As we go through our day today lets not forget how much Jesus really took for us. Let us remember the price that was paid for everyone to get into heaven to be with the Father. And as those who know of this love, let us remember our role in the Kingdom.


Our role as followers of Christ is not to talk about Him as if He is dead. Our role as followers of Christ is to remove ourselves from the equations and let the ultimate evangelist direct us as willing participants in bringing His Kingdom to earth.


Let us not rely on our own knowledge of Him drive our ministry, but let our relationship with the King humble us enough to pursue the lost with the expectation of transformation and glorification of our Fathers name.


Father may your Will be done on earth, and it is in Heaven.




Dead Sea Christians

Dead Sea Christians



I was talking with a friend of mine the other day and right now all he is doing is walking around town, talking to people on the streets and in shops about Jesus. Praying for healing and salvation. It’s really cool the testimonies that are coming from his journeys the last two months. Usually in the morning he will get up and pray, listen to a few sermons or teachings from some prominent Christian leaders. Yesterday he came in to the church and was telling me about some of the points he jotted down from the sermon he listened to in the morning.


He proceeded to tell me about the Dead Sea. And what he said spurred us onto a mini chat about how that looks a lot like the religious churchgoers of the world. And how this is really a challenge to us all as believers to examine our own lives and see are we actually dead? And I don’t mean dead as in the literal way, nor do I mean dead as in apart from life that is found in Jesus Christ. I mean dead like the Dead Sea dead.


In his notes he wrote down that the reason that the Dead Sea has a crazy amount of salt content in it, is because the lake has rivers that pour into it, but nowhere does the water leave through any channels. It sits there, fermenting and eventually little by little evaporates.


The more and more I look at how God can reveal His magnificence to us, His incredible size and glory. The more I am in awe of Him. He created a lake that makes no sense to us as humans. Serves no real purpose at all to us as a body of water. But yet its still there. And one of the reasons that He has revealed to us as followers is an example of what we are to the world if we let ourselves become like the Dead Sea.


So many churchgoers fall into the category of the “Sunday Christian”. Those who live a squeaky clean life on Sunday and when anyone they know from church is watching. But the weekly life looks very much like that of this world. Then there are the “Conference Junkies” those who attend every possible thing that the church or surrounding churches put out for them to attend. Just feeding off of the high that you get from attending these events that are meant for good and learning if you apply the principals taught. But these are the people who attend, and do nothing with the information received. Leaving them at a low awaiting the next event that pops up. Or you get the “Glutton of the Spirit” I know this sounds pretty harsh, but its totally a real thing. These are the people who are always seeking prayer for themselves. Always craving the spiritual encounter with the Holy Spirit, constantly being poured into over and over and over again. That explanation sound like what we are supposed to do as followers of Christ though isn’t it? Are we not supposed to crave and desire the presence of God in the deepest way possible? We are! Its good to crave the presence of Christ and to be filled constantly. The difference between a Glutton of the Spirit, and a fully functioning Christian is what you do with all that filling up that you receive. Just like the dead sea constantly has water pouring into it, these people have constant pouring in, filling up within themselves. But the Dead Sea sits there and gives no benefit to the world around it. And so do these people, its so dangerous to sit and ferment with the knowledge we gain of Christ and the workings and Glory of our Father. It’s so dangerous to have access to the gifts of the Spirit and the ability to go and do greater things then Jesus did when He was on earth, but yet do nothing.


We are called to proclaim the Gospel to all people, and to all nations. To pour out everything we have for the cause of Christ. If we don’t, what purpose are we serving? If all we do is get filled up, but never pour out. Are we then dead? Are we not walking the walk we have been told to walk?


Thoughts to ponder as we go through our days. I desire to live my life as a river. Constant in flow, and out flow. I choose to be available for God to use me as a vessel for change.

The Silence Of God

As a newly married man, I have found myself with all these desires to have everything together. To have a nice cushion in my savings account for the sudden surprises of life that always pop up. To have a home that has rooms for all the future children that will come down the line. And nothing that’s broken or old. I have spent so much time worrying about what do I do as Sarah’s husband to give her all of the dreams she has and we have together? And each time I think about the BIG dreams we have I find myself getting silently discouraged. Feeling the daunting task of keeping on the path I know God has called me to without seeking the money that usually doesn’t come with the gig.


There have been many times that I think about how can I convince God to speak to me more about what He wants my next steps to be. Sometimes God seems so silent in guiding my path. It’s so easy to sit in my house or at my desk, and think; “man God is really not paying much attention to me right now”.


So for anyone who ever feels like your being ignored by God, or you’re just so overwhelmed with life that you’re not hearing His voice clearly. I’m right with you, and this next bit is what I’ve come up with to help myself, and hopefully you.


When we feel like Gods so far away, whether its because your seeking him on a big decision, or your trying to figure out how to break a string of sin in your life. Or you’re just feeling empty and alone. We always have to remember That God is never far away. He is always right beside you waiting for you to be silent, and still. God wants us to choose to hear him. To just be with Him, hanging out, chilling in silence. When your tired, and you just want to sleep, or give up. Lay in the stillness, in the quiet. Be with God in the right beside you silence, not the far away silence.


We live in a time in history that is the loudest, there is never quiet in the world. Always a war happening, always something horrible on the news, look at how many TV shows there are now compared to 10 years ago. And PVR! You could spend more then the hours in a day catching up on everything that week. Social media, text tones, email tones, phone calls, music, films, and advertising. How do we get away from all that noise that corrupts our time? Now more then ever I truly believe that it is so important that we learn and equip those who look to us for guidance, to be silent and still with the only form of peace that can revive us from being lost in the noise.


I encourage you all today and everyday to take time to be still and silent with God. If you challenge yourself to take out the noise of life and all the distractions for even 15 minuets of every day you will hear Gods voice. And your will feel the perfect peace that comes from nowhere but his presence.